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To get in touch with me use the contact form below. You can also find me on instagram @vinniejones_dance. All my services can be offered in person or online via zoom. 


Available for projects, dance films, guestings, and full time contracts.  


Professional Company or Project Commissions

Concert Dance

Dance for Film

Theater and Opera Choreography

For students:

Group Contemporary or Ballet Pieces

Contemporary Solo Works

Competition Group Works


I offer the following services for an hourly rate, in Private or Semi Private Classes:


  • Ballet

  • Pointe or Pointe Preparations

  • Contemporary dance

  • Improvisation

  • Flexibility and Strength Training. 

  • Coaching for Classical Variations and Contemporary Solos

  • Master Classes and Workshops

Willing to meet in person or online via Zoom.

Design Work

Create posters, social media posts, and website design for dancers, dance companies, and events. 

Vinnie Jones photo by Vin Eiamvuthikorn
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